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Nothing says “birthday party” quite like balloons. Balloon Decoration Ideas for your parties, We love how they are colorful, whimsical, and are a simple and effective way to add beauty to celebrations. But have you ever realized how many ways there are to incorporate balloons into your party? Most of which you can easily create yourself! Keep reading to see what we think are some the top creative balloon decorations for your next event. It’s time to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Good Enough To Eat 

Can you believe that these balloons have actually been painted into their yummy looking designs? We love how each balloon is unique, and how cool is it that you can easily paint on several different designs, including fruit and donuts! These are perfect for a summer or donut themed Balloon Decoration Ideas



Underwater Effects 

It feels like we are under the sea with both of these creative balloon displays. We love how balloons in colors of the sea are brought together, and held by a net above all the party guests. We also love the combination of balloons and blue wavy streamers. It reminds us of gentle waves.

Floral Additions 

How pretty is it to add floral to your balloons? We especially like the idea of flowers being placed at the very top of the string and as floral garland on the string. You can’t not think that these are beautiful.

Shiny Additions 

Add some shine to your balloons! We love the gold foil against the blue for this globe inspired balloon, and the pretty shimmer of these glitter balloons made for a princess party.

Center Eye Candy 

Balloons are super easy to incorporate as center eye candy at your tables. It’s a great idea to pair the hot air balloons with flowers, and the giant balloons with added streamers.

Added Messages 

Added Messages Balloon Decoration Ideas

(image credit: StudiodiyStudiodiy)

This is such a simple way to really personalize your balloons. Draw or print out the phrase you want, cut it out, and glue it on! It’s that simple. Try gluing the lettering onto the top of the balloon, the center, or down the string.

Water Balloons 

Water Balloons Decorations

(image credit: AsubtlerevelryOnefabday)

Don’t forget about water balloons! These mini versions are great for making balloons come to life on a smaller scale. We love the idea of blown up water balloons as a cake topper, or frozen water balloons to use as colorful coolers for drinks.

Fun Filled 

Fun Filled Balloon Decoration Ideas

(image credit: FreutcakeWantthatwedding)

These balloons are so fun! How can you not be drawn to the sweet sprinkles and confetti? They’re pretty and super easy to create – all you need are clear balloons and whatever you would like to fit inside! Sprinkles and confetti say celebration to us – which is why we think these are perfect for a birthday party. On the other Hand if you need a hand with the ideas to be reflected Contact US

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